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Alvaro Canovas was born in Paris in 1968. He began working with Paris Match in 1989, he also worked in fashion, visual and performing arts. He is the author of many portraits of celebrities, and also covered social and ecological problems of the time.  

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Alvaro Canovas chose to focus on international news. He began working on conflicts in Africa, and spent the majority of his time covering events in the near and middle East. The post September 11 world reignited old hatreds between religious communities in countries such as Iraq and Pakistan and furthered misunderstandings between the Occident and the Orient. 

His work as a photographer covering foreign news for over fifteen years led him to witness numerous ecological disasters provoked by earthquakes and hurricanes. The deadly storms that have dominated front page news over the past few years tend to be most harmful in countries in the Southern hemisphere, often leading to humanitarian catastrophes. They also wreak damage on developed nations where, like in New Orleans, the poor are most likely to suffer. His goal has always been to give news events a human dimension, providing readers with informative photographs of people intricately involved in the changing face of History.  

He earned a Masters Degree in Media Management at the Political Studies Institute of Paris in 2008. 

He is currently working as a freelance photographer for the news media while working on several commercial and corporate projects.